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Q)  What lubricant is best to use with these products?
A)  There are 3 main types of lubricants.  Oil based, Silicone base and wate based.  The safest lubricant you can use with the products is WATER BASED lubricant.

Q)  What are “Inner” products and why are they used?
A)  There are two types of products in this section: those that have a straight shaft and are focused on stimulating the woman internally; and those that have the same shaft shape, but they also have an extension that is used to stimulate externally.
There are two main reasons to use these products: the first is that men tend to climax quicker than women; and the second is many women do not reach climax through intercourse alone. Therefore, these toys stimulate internally and externally simultaneously in order to help the woman climax.

Q)  What are “Outer” toys used for?
A)  These products are used to stimulate the woman externally.  It can also be used to stimulate the man.  As these products are made to be used externally, many of them are not limited to foreplay but can also be used during intercourse and may even assist the couple climax at the same time.

Q)  What benefit do the rings provide?
A)  Rings are used on the male partner in order to slow down his climax.  Many of   the rings have an additional feature which stimulates the woman externally.

Q)  Why are Kegel balls used?
A)  The Kegel balls are used for a few reasons. One reason is to strengthen the woman’s pelvic floor.  This is often important after childbirth.  Having strong   pelvic floor muscles is good for one’s health and can help improve one’s love life.   They can also be used to stimulate the woman during relations.

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