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Vibe Therapy Fascinate

Seven Creations

Vibe Therapy Fascinate

$59.99 USD
  • Both balls are weighted
  • Excellent for Kegel exercises
  • Slick when combined with lubricant
  • Great for internal stimulation
  • Small yet perfectly formed
  • Designed to rock and vibrate internally and deliver waves of vibrations each second
  • Durable and portable
  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Waterproof
The Fascinate Silicone Kegel Balls from the Vibe Therapy range of adult toys and novelties are a combined pleasure and exercise system for the pelvic floor, being specifically designed to provide a hint of spice to those (otherwise tiresome) pelvic floor exercises! Though their silent but clearly perceptible movement and the weight of the metal balls encased in their velvety-smooth medical grade silicone covering, Vibe Therapy’s Fascinate Kegel Balls provide a targeted workout for the pelvic floor. However, unlike traditional orgasm and ben-wa balls, Vibe Therapy’s Fascinate Kegel Balls are not spherical, but slightly elliptical in shape. Because of this, they not only sit properly between the muscles, but they also palpably increase the excitement of gentle vaginal stimulation, especially as they can be worn (secretly) for several hours and retrieved quickly and easily by pulling on the secure retrieval cord.

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